​One of the largest open air museums of rural life in the United States. 
​A website providing a variety of information about living history and historical reenactment. 
​A directory of Living History Societies and Associations in the 
​United Kingdom provided by Historic UK, the History and Heritage Accommodation Guide. 
A Europe based website exploring many aspects of living history, reenactment, historic culture, 
the motto of a fictional living history organization presented in The Last Relicuin. 
​folklore, and history tourism.  Please note:  HistoriaVivens.eu is not the same as, or associated with "historia vivit," 
The National Association of Re-enactment Societies in the United Kingdom.
An organization to promote living history and reenactors in France, and facilitate  
communication ​and interaction between living history groups. 
An ICOM affiliated organization representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, 
ancient technology and interpretation. 
A United States directory of museums that re-create historical settings.
provided by the ​Open Directory Project. 
A directory  of open air and living history museums
Website of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums. 
Living History Links
For those tempted to cross the borders of History, the links below provide a starting point for 

​your journey.  These links are not inclusive of living history opportunities  around the world.  Ever 

wise and always resourceful, history lives on in unexpected places and people. 

The websites in this listing are publicly available and provided solely as a convenience.  No warranties,  endorsement, or guarantees of accuracy are made for this listing or any content in the listed websites. 


Website of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.