For years I've been hoping to find a transporter link. When I

tap a screen, just once, I'd like to experience all five senses--smell 

the air, feel a cold/warm wind, hear non-digital sounds, touch and taste  

the place that appears behind the glass.  Entering Historiavivens.com 

 is like walking through a long-hidden portal to the  sensory world.

This one-of-a-kind website is for a generation  seeking something better than the  glare of a screen.  In scope and perspective, there's nothing  like it.   If you're just curious, you can spend  ​hours on a virtual tour of culture, folklore or fantasy.  The adventurous can do the impossible--live the history and culture you've only read about.  Sightseeing  becomes sight-doing.  

Would you build a medieval castle, dance at a Roman feast, fence with 

a Musketeer, attend a Regency or Edwardian diner, train in the art of broadsword combat, weave clothing, or grow and prepare traditional foods or wine?  The choices  are limited only by your curiosity and courage. 

Historiavivens takes visitors as far as they wish to explore.  And if you want to  create a new historical experience, contact them.  The Historia Vivens people are knowledgeable bridgekeepers, willing to share their unique links to experiential culture and history. 

After we've been  brainlocked in three glassy-eyed decades of virtual entertainment, portals like HistoriaVivens.eu are freeing us to re-experience our senses.   I expect this era will prove to be far more satisfying than anything that ever appeared on a screen of any size.